Often restrictions can provide a new type of clarity. Limiting actions or movements creates different pathways to problem solving and focus. Producing work during a global pandemic has not been an exception. Using tools and resources available to me during quarantine, this work centers on themes that COVID-19 has evoked such as changing realities, feelings of disorientation, requirements of social distancing, and the struggle between the need to stay inside verses wanting to escape. 

Reflected on how we each perceive the passage of time - how it makes us feel, marks us, and how we as humans mark it. In their unmanipulated state, these photo positive images produce a disorienting effect reminiscent of a confined space and mental state, created by a handmade 360 pinhole camera. This is not a reliance of photographic truth; senses lie, people lie, our own memories lie. I created these images to explore and evoke questions, feelings, and past associations that revolve around the index. The evidence is simply that this physically happened; whether all at once, over hours, or separately stitched together.


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